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What is the Rent Supplement Program?
The Rent Supplement Program is rent-geared-to-income housing with private landlords.  Housing Connections uses the centralized waiting list to fill rent supplement units on behalf of the landlord.  The household pays their rent-geared-to- income amount directly to the landlord and Housing Connections pays the rest of the rent to the landlord.

There are about 2900 units in this program with about 130 private market landlords.  Housing Connections conducts unit assessments to qualify rent supplement landlords.

To apply, add rent supplement sub zones to your Housing Connections application and you will be added to the waiting list for all rent supplement units within each sub zone you choose.  See the rent supplement sub zones in our online interactive housing listings

Are you a Rent Supplement household?

We review a household's eligibility to remain in a rent-geared-to-income unit with an annual rent review.  To download a copy of the Annual Review form to complete and submit to Housing Connections, click here.

Do you disagree with a Housing Connections decision about your household?

If you are a rent supplement household and you disagree with a recent Housing Connections decision, you can request a review of the process used to make the decision.

To request a review of a decision made about your rent calculation, complete this form.

To request a review of a Housing Connections decision about your household, complete this form.