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Application for Subsidized Housing

Who can apply for Subsidized Housing

You must submit a signed declaration and consent form at the end of this application, that Housing Connections has your permission to collect the information on your application form.

You must meet these five conditions to apply.  If you do not meet them Housing Connections will not accept your application.
  1. At least one member of the household is 16 years old or older and is able to live independently;
  2. Each member of the household meets at least one of the following criteria:
    • The member is a Canadian citizen,
    • The member has made an application for status as a permanent resident under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada), or
    • The member has made a claim for refugee protection under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada);
  3. No removal order has become enforceable under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (Canada) against any member of the household;
  4. No member of the household may owe money to another social housing provider in Ontario;
  5. No household member or former household member may have convictions for rent-geared-to-income fraud or misrepresentation.

How to Fill Out Your Application

  1. Our regular hours for submitting an Application on-line are 6 AM to 11 PM.
  2. To complete an Application, you will need the following Internet browser and settings:
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome. If using Internet Explorer, ensure that compatibility mode is enabled.
    • Active scripting enabled on the browser.
    • Cookies are enabled on the browser.
  3. Do not use the "back" and "forward" buttons in your browser as it may result in the termination of your Internet application session and you will be required to start your application again.  We have provided a drop down list at the top right of each page to allow you to navigate to a section already completed.
  4. In order to view/print documentation within the application you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click here to get help with PDF files/Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  5. These are the main sections in this web application.
    • Primary Household Contact Information
    • Contact Information
    • Other Household Information
    • Income and Assets
    • Arrears(if applicable)
    • Accommodation Types
    • Support Services Required (if applicable)
    • Consent for collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information
    Complete all sections of the application.  You will be able to return to any section if you want to make changes before you submit the application.
  6. When complete, submit your application.  Housing Connections will provide you with a reference number to be used for all future communication with our office.
  7. You must forward all related documentation to Housing Connections.