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Housing Connections is committed to protecting the privacy of any personal information you may provide when visiting our Web site. Part of that commitment is to explain what information may be collected and why, how it will be used and who may have access to it. Our practices have been designed to ensure compliance with the privacy provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This privacy statement applies to interactions with Housing Connections Web server. It does not apply to any other Web site. Following is an overview of our Web site practices.

Personal information

When you visit Housing Connections web site, you do so anonymously - there is no need to tell us who you are. If you direct an enquiry to a specific Housing Connections department, we may ask you to provide your name and mailing address or e-mail address for the purpose of responding to your enquiry. Only those who "need to know" will have access to the personal information provided.

Housing Connections does not intend to use any information provided by visitors for any purpose that is inconsistent with the purpose for which the information was provided, as stated on the web page. A visitor to Housing Connections web site will not receive correspondence or e-mails from the Corporation on any subject other than those subjects the visitor has given us permission to contact them about.

Encryption technology protects personal information during transmission. A notice stating "you are in a secure site" will be posted on Housing Connections sites when you are in an encrypted session. A security icon will also appear in either the lower left corner or, depending on your browser, the lower right corner of your browser window. Secure pages are not saved in temporary caches on a computer. Once you exit secure screens, those screens cannot be accessed again. If encryption is not available through a site, an alternative means of communication will be recommended.

Any Housing Connections site where personal information is requested will contain a notice outlining our legal authority to collect it and include the following information: the purpose for collecting the personal information; how it will be used and who will have access to it; who to contact if you have any questions about these practices.

Logging practices

Housing Connections logs HTTP requests to the Housing Connections web server. These logs record the IP address of site visitors. An IP address is the number automatically assigned to the computer or to the ISP (Internet Service Provider) requesting a URL. Log files are archived and used for systems analysis, maintenance and site evaluation. [TOP]


During user interaction with out Internet site, we may use a browser feature called a "cookie" to collect information anonymously and track user patterns on our Web site. A cookie is a small text file containing a unique identification number that identifies your browser - but not you - to our computers each time you visit our web pages. Cookies tell us which pages are visited and by how many people. This helps us enhance the on-line experience of visitors to our Web site.

Unless you specifically advise us, we will not know who you are, even though we may assign your computer a cookie. We cannot use cookies, by themselves, to disclose the individual identity of any site user, and we never combine information gathered by a cookie with personally identifiable information, such as your name, telephone number, or your e-mail address. [TOP]