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Special Priority Household Category

The first priority is for victims of abuse (Special Priority Household Category).  All housing providers are required by the Housing Services Act (HSA) to give priority to victims of abuse.

The Special Priority Household Category is assigned to a member of a household 16 years old or older who:

  • experienced abuse;
  • lives with or has lived with their abuser;
  • plans to live permanently apart from the abuser; and
  • demonstrates that they meet the criteria for the Special Priority Household Category.

What is considered to be abuse?

Under the Housing Services Act, abuse means any of the following:

  • physical violence
  • sexual violence
  • intentional destruction of an individual's property
  • intentional injury to an individual
  • words, actions or gestures that threaten the safety of the person, children, family or property of the individual
  • controlling behaviour
  • stalking
  • harassment

For further information, see Links page for link to HSA.

Who could be considered an abuser?

An abuser could be a spouse, parent, child, relative, immigration sponsor or a person to whom the applicant is emotionally, physically, or financially dependent.

Want to apply?

You need to be eligible for the general waiting list for social housing and demonstrate that you meet the criteria to fit into this priority.  You need to fill out an application for subsidized housing and complete the following forms:

Applicant Declaration of Abuse (135 KB)
Confirmation of Abuse (232 KB)

Click here for tips on how to demonstrate common address with abuser.

Already housed?

Tenants who are already housed in social housing who want to apply for an internal transfer under special priority-abuse in order to live permanently from their abuser may also apply.
Click here for Special Priority Internal Transfer Application form.