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Eligibility and Acceptable Identification

Basic eligibility for rent-geared-to-income housing has the following requirements:
  • All members of the household must be Canadian citizens, landed immigrants (permanent residents), applicants for permanent resident status, refugees, or a refugee claimants;
  • One member of the household must be 16 years of age or older and able to live independently with or without supports;
  • There must be no enforceable deportation, departure or exclusion order against any household members;
  • No member of the household can owe arrears to another social housing provider in Ontario unless there is an up to date repayment schedule in place;
  • No household member or former member has convictions of rent-geared-to-income fraud or misrepresentation.
One acceptable personal identification document must be attached to your application form for each member of the household as proof of status in Canada.
Click here to download a list of acceptable personable identification documents.