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Toronto is divided into 15 zones.  Click on any zone for:

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  • a map of the zone
  • locations and map numbers of subsidized housing in that zone
  • bedroom sizes in that zone
  • wheelchair-accessible units in that zone
  • seniors' housing in that zone
  • shared accommodation offices in that zone - look for 'Shared' in the right column under OCC. Many providers that offer shared accommodation have units located in multiple zones.  The map number for these providers usually shows their office location, and not the location of the shared accommodation.
Use the zones to identify map numbers, building names and addresses of housing locations that interest you.  Use map numbers when completing the 'Housing Choices' section of your application or Adding/Deleting Housing Choices form.

Latest update for buildings on the waiting list (March 2013)

  • There are new map numbers for the new Regent Park buildings. Click here for more information.