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Regent Park
Are you on the waiting list for subsidized housing in the new Regent Park buildings?
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Changes to buildings on the waiting list

Latest change:
11 Randolph (Map #563) now managed by Toronto Community Housing

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Who are we?

Housing Connections is a subsidiary of Toronto Community Housing Corporation with its own Board of Directors.

What do we do?

We provide a one-stop housing solution for people looking for affordable housing in Toronto.
Although we are not a landlord; we provide access to the central waiting list for about 70,000 subsidized rental units in Toronto. This includes rent-geared-to-income units as well as rent supplement and housing allowance units in cooperatives, private non-profits, supportive housing, Toronto Community Housing buildings and private market buildings.
Housing Connections manages:
  • and helps people apply to the central waiting list for rent-geared-to-income housing in Toronto (rent is pegged at about 30 percent of income);
  • the Rent Supplement Program with private market landlords for the City of Toronto;
  • the Canada-Ontario-Toronto Housing Allowance Program, providing an allowance for rent based on unit size for applicants on the waiting list for subsidized housing.

Waiting for affordable housing

This video by [], shares the stories of three Toronto residents who need subsidized housing and describes the applicants' experiences waiting for affordable housing in the city of Toronto.

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